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A BOLA - Uncle Vidigal's Advice (Navy)

A BOLA – Uncle Vidigal’s Advice (Navy)

no sooner said than done. The president of Maritimo, Carlos Pereira, had already said that the 2021/2022 team will undergo a major revolution, and the truth is that the chief administrator of the Madiran club, in line with coach Julio Velasquez, is putting this profound influence into practice. • Reconfigure the group.

Early in the morning, at 8 in the morning, he was already very busy in the club’s sports complex, with the usual physical examinations of the players. There were many new faces. Nine in total. Guardian Miguel Silva arrived at the end of the morning and today only the medical and physical examinations begin. However, the highlight was the presence of Andre Vidigal, Felipe Cardoso, Henrique and Matthews Costa.

One of the biggest achievements last season was in Liga 2, and Estoril in particular. Andre Vidigal had no doubts about heading to Madeira. References he got from his uncle, Leto Vidigal, who drove Maritimo through part of last season, also contributed to that decision. “Of course I spoke with my uncle. He told me very well about the club and that also helped me accept the invitation,” he said.

Felipe Cardoso spoke of a dream come true: “I have always had an ambition to play in the league, therefore, coming to Maritimo was like fulfilling a dream. When the call of President Carlos Pereira appeared, I did not hesitate even for a moment. The positive answer was immediate. It is with great pride that I represent one of the historical clubs of Portuguese football. Even though I am 27 years old, I think I still have time to make a great career at the highest level in Portuguese football. I’m a midfielder to get the ball back, and I work hard. But I also have the ability to build the game in offensive terms.”

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