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A BOLA - Varandas sales have reached almost 300 million euros (Sporting)

A BOLA – Varandas sales have reached almost 300 million euros (Sporting)

Signed central defender Jeremiah St. Juste was the first foray into the market by Leonen in charge. A major investment, a priority target for Rúben Amorim, even before any sale.

Sporting, like any Portuguese club, is a seller, and if some of the most desirable players in the team, such as Mateos Nunes, Joao Balenha, Pedro Porro or Gonzalo Inacio, leave the presidency of Federico Varandas, it could reach 300 million euros. In player sales – not forgetting, for example, Pedro Gonçalves …

So far, taking into account market operations since the winter of 2018/2019 – behind Varandas Bruno de Carvalho in September 2018 – Sporting has already raised just over €217 million. Adding to this value of 47 million Nuno Mendes (7 for loan and 40 more for the purchase option that PSG will exercise), SAD, in about three and a half years and in seven market windows, fits over 264 million, so this summer sales of players could reach perfect to 300 million euros.

Bruno Fernandes’ 55 million, paid by Manchester United, remains the biggest sale in the history of sports football, soon followed by Nuno Mendes. Even in the 2019/2020 season, joining the two markets, the coffers of SAD were even more full, with summer and winter sales exceeding 100 million euros (about 107 million). In the previous season, revenue from player sales amounted to nearly 50 million …

If in that market, SAD could reach €300 million in asset sales, with Jeremiah St. Since Joste took charge of Sporting, the investment has exceeded 100 million, about a third.

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