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A BOLA - Varzim and PSP (Liga 2) exchange accusations

A BOLA – Varzim and PSP (Liga 2) exchange accusations

The end of the turbulent season in Varzim. Despite the victory over Mafra (1-0), the Poveiro logo fell against Liga 3, in a match in which he participated in the exchange of accusations with the Public Security Police.

On the eve of the match, Varzim issued a statement accusing the security forces of asking for an exorbitant amount, claiming that the match against Mafra was in danger of not happening.

Effectively, the Varzim Sport Club Board, initially, decided not to pay the fee for monitoring the game to the PSP, considering that the amount requested is really exorbitant and completely unreasonable given the characteristics of the event, which includes a practical opponent who will not have fans present.

This is not a virgin issue because PSP, in the current sports season, has guided its position by clearly imposing values ​​above what was customary and what might have been reasonable, without taking into account the arguments made by Varzim, who was fighting it. behavior. In addition, after the matches, they still have the audacity to repeatedly send the opponent’s notes, further exacerbating the bill paid, in a clear position of arrogance, where Varzim can do little or nothing », it can be read with those responsible for revealing Poveiros that they intend to Paying the amount, they did not fail to “publicly denounce” the situation.

Sunday’s response came from the Independent Federation of PSP Agents, in a statement criticizing Farzim for calling it “panic attacks by sports leaders, who can’t help but be utterly despondent at having to hold their fans accountable for yet another disastrous sporting season that has been going on since 2003.”

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