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A BOLA - was a businessman in Seixal negotiating with Nzonzi (Benfica)

A BOLA – was a businessman in Seixal negotiating with Nzonzi (Benfica)

Benfica continues to try to come to an understanding that will allow them to strike a deal with Stephen N’Zonzi, 32, the French midfielder whose passes belong to Roma. And yesterday, important steps were taken in this direction at a meeting held in Seixal with the player’s manager.

The agent learned about the Eagles’ offer in detail, and according to what A BOLA discovered, although it wasn’t closed, the deal was closer to complete.

This is on the same day the Reds learned they had one less competitor in the race for the athlete: Rennes, where Nzonzi played last season (39 games) left the scene. According to L’Équipe, Rennes has decided not to go ahead with the final signing of the midfielder who has been loaned by Roma for a season and a half, without any buying option. The French logo, which finished sixth in the last league, is still studying progress towards negotiations with the Giallorossi. But in the meantime, he gave up.

Thus, Benfica is one of the taglines most interested in owning the world champion midfielder for France in 2018. There are more candidates and, in the end, it will be the player who decides where to pursue his career. A dealer visit to Seixal may be a good sign in favor of the Eagles. Benfica is trying to impress the athlete and is willing to make a financial effort to reach the high salary that the average earns, which is about 3 million euros net per year.

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