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A BOLA - «Wendell is not coming to play in my backyard, he is not at FC Sérgio Conceição» (FC Porto)

A BOLA – «Wendell is not coming to play in my backyard, he is not at FC Sérgio Conceição» (FC Porto)

Sergio Conceicao was asked this Saturday, during a match preview with Maritimo (Sunday, 18h) about signing Wendell, the left-back “claimed” rivalry with Zedo, who was heavily criticized after the match with Famalicao.

“I am not complaining about anything, this is not FC Sergio Conceicao. I am an employee of FC Porto, what I can do is suggest an amendment to the team. He doesn’t come to play in my backyard, I already have many kids. Players can go home and have a good meal, but given their financial ability… I would like to have players with a choice level, but we have our reality, two or three options. This, by the way, was said and discussed by the engineer Luis Gonçalves, who told me about it and talked to him more than a month ago, there is much that is said there that is not true »

Wendell is coming to fill the void? “We had Zedo in the left-back position, come again. We were included in many competitions and we need two solutions for each position, it comes in this sense. He said that he did not sign to start, but to work and be able to convince the coach “, noting that the Brazilian will not He goes with the team to Madeira in the afternoon, where he will face Maritimo on Sunday. “He will not go, he needs to train and stay here to prepare himself in the best possible way and prepare for the match with Arauca.”

Grujic (conditioning training) and Marchesín (treatment) also not travel with the Blue and White team to Madeira, due to injury.

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