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A BOLA - Women's team guarantees qualification to the final stage of Europe (futsal)

A BOLA – Women’s team guarantees qualification to the final stage of Europe (futsal)

The women’s national futsal team made an impressive journey towards the final stage of the European Championship, winning all three Group 2 matches – Slovenia (6-0), Poland (7-2) and Croatia (1-16), ensuring, first place, The only one who stamped passage to the finals.

Against hosts Croatia, Portugal only needed a draw to reach the goal, but the Portuguese team didn’t risk anything and quickly started building the defeat, via Pisco (4). The second goal came from his own net, and the 17th minute was decisive for the result of the match: Tomislava Matejevic shined for Croatia (1-2), and indeed it was the goal that impressed the Loza team, who scored in 30 seconds. brace.

In the second half, the match had a unique meaning, as Portugal translated the supremacy into goals against Croatia who undisputedly found themselves to counter the team’s strength from the corners.

Check out the tag’s march:
0-1 by Pisko (4); 0-2 by Tomislava Matijevic (16, ag); 1-2, by Tomislava Matejevic (17); 1-3, by Fipho (17); 1-4, by Janis Silva (17); 1-5, by Carla Vanessa (22); 1-6, by Carla Vanessa (25); 1-7, by Sarah Ferreira (25); 1-8, by Sarah Ferreira (27); 1-9, by Sarah Ferreira (30); 1-10, by Fipho (32); 1-11, by Pisco (33); 1-12, Lydia Moreira (33); 1-13, by Pisco (34); 1-14, by Sarah Ferreira (39); 1-15, by Ana Azevedo (39) and 1-16, by Carla Vanessa (40).

The final stage of the European Championship will take place between 24 and 27 March 2022, in the form of a four-way final, in one of the four qualifying nations.

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At the moment, in addition to Portugal, Russia has also secured its presence in the finals.