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"A child is not ignored..."

“A child is not ignored…”

On Thursday, September 2, Mirchi Romero took to social networks to leave a message as a way to vent. The DJ shared a photo with her 10-year-old son, Salvador, and in the caption she started writing:

“Attention ⚠️⚠️⚠️. Good morning everyone!!!! But today is a special day for everyone… to all the mothers who are responsible for the care and education of their children just because they do it!”.

Then Merch Romero addressed the son’s father, Tu Pereira, claiming that he had “abandoned” the son, leaving him in the mother’s care:

“The child is not neglected, let alone joint custody 😏 Just because the other side gives up and leaves all the child’s shared responsibility in the hands of the mother and in her life, ignoring any and all needs…Sometimes I’m left landless! “, Considered.

Merch Romero later highlighted the mother’s love for her child, emphasizing that this is what keeps her in the fight for the care and education of Salvador and ended up stressing that a new phase in the child’s life begins today:

“Today begins a new stage in my son’s life (…). So let’s go!!!! Always together my son ❤️ My savior! Thank you to my mom for giving me the values ​​and education I have and of course for helping me raise our son to be able to work! …”, lê-se.

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