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A collection of picture books highlighting the role of women and black people in the Science Gains web series

A collection of picture books highlighting the role of women and black people in the Science Gains web series

Doña Ciencia, a collection of 51 comic books created by Dr. Monica Andersen, Director of Teaching and Research at the Sleep Institute, has just gone multimedia. The work that has enchanted children, teenagers and industry professionals for seven years by presenting science, its concepts and discoveries in a fun and simplified way, has been given a web series adaptation.

This initiative is the result of a partnership between the Association of Research Incentive Fund (AFIP) and the Brazilian Society for the Promotion of Excellence in Software (Softex).

From October until the end of this year, eight comic books will be made into videos, and in 2024, there will be 15 more, all two to three minutes long. This material can be viewed on Dona Ciência’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube pages.

The transition to video has been coordinated by Softex, the federal government’s main policy implementer for the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

Dona Ciência’s collection is an inclusive work, starring “a black woman who shares her vast experience through easy-to-understand language, presented in texts, videos, graphic arts and audio recordings available in picture books and social networks,” explains Monica Anderson. .

“In addition to promoting knowledge, it strives to highlight the participation of women and the black population in the process of building science and technology in Brazil,” he adds.

The character shows how society benefits from the discoveries of scientists and researchers and raises awareness of science-related issues that affect people’s daily lives.

Softex President, Ruben Delgado, revealed that the entity decided to form a partnership with Instituto do Sono/AFIP, because the Dona Ciência group is an interesting way to disseminate scientific knowledge, which develops the basic skills in children to understand, explore and engage in the world of science.

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For him, learning sparks curiosity and pushes the child to ask questions, observe, experiment, and communicate discoveries clearly.

“Scientific literacy in elementary school focuses not only on conveying scientific facts, but on developing critical thinking and encouraging students to understand the scientific method, experimental evidence, and the importance of science in solving everyday problems and in the broader context of the natural world,” he declares.

Topics to be covered in this initial phase of the web series will be “The Importance of Sleep,” “Cri Du Chat Syndrome,” “Women’s Involvement in Science,” “Vaccination, Drug Dependence,” “Accessibility, Global Warming,” and “The Importance of Science in high school.

Watch the first episode:

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