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A critical chapter in Earth's history, when rain fell millions of years ago – Executive Summary

A critical chapter in Earth's history, when rain fell millions of years ago – Executive Summary

For two million years, the Earth has been plagued by a phenomenon known as a Carnian rain event or Carnian crisis, in which almost constant rains and the presence of greenhouse gases changed the landscape and life on the planet.

This event, which occurred 232 million years ago, marked a turning point in the evolution of life on Earth, leading to the flourishing of the Age of Dinosaurs.

According to experts, quoted by El Confidencial newspaper, this period of continuous rain and high temperatures was crucial for the expansion and diversification of dinosaurs, which dominated the Earth for the next 165 million years. Although the meteorite that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs is the most famous mass extinction event, Carnian rainfall also had a significant impact on biodiversity.

Scientific investigations prove this phenomenon

Detailed analyzes of the sediments accumulated during this period have been carried out in recent decades, and have found evidence of continued rainfall that coincided with the emergence of dinosaurs as the dominant species on Earth. In 1973, two German scientists, Wolfgang Schlager and Wolfgang Schullenberger, made a similar discovery in the United Kingdom. Various evidence has been found not only in Europe, but also in Asia, Australia or America. These findings, supported by studies conducted by experts from countries on all continents, indicate the validity of the Carnea rainfall event and its global spread.

Origin and causes of rainfall event

The carnivorous rain event was caused by a massive volcanic eruption in the large Rangelina Volcanic Province, which released large amounts of water vapor and greenhouse gases. These phenomena, along with ocean acidification, have caused a rise in atmospheric temperature and significant changes in climate and terrestrial biodiversity.

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Study published in Journals of the Geological Society Describes how the mass extinction of land plants and herbivores led to the rapid expansion of dinosaurs and other vertebrate groups, as well as the spread of plants and marine life.

Influencing the development of life

Carnian precipitation allowed the evolution and diversification of several groups of animals, including lepidosaurs, the ancestors of modern snakes and lizards, as well as the ancestors of mammals. Moreover, this led to plankton and coral blooms, contributing to the formation of complex and diverse ecosystems on Earth.

Therefore, the Carnivorous Rain Event is one of the most important chapters in the history of life on Earth, marking the beginning of an era dominated by dinosaurs and leading to major changes in the evolution of life on the planet.