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A crucian like a fish in water.  He broke the world record :: Magazyn :: RMF FM

A crucian like a fish in water. He broke the world record :: Magazyn :: RMF FM

Robert Cara set a world record in the 5x distance. 900 km on the bike, 211 km running and 19 km swimming. All this took 3 days.

World Champion!

Robert Cara, Poland முத்தரப்பு, And personal partner of actress Agnieszka Vodorsik, more than once He showed me what he could do. What did he achieve? Left World champion and record holder In the distant triathlon Three Iron Man in 2018, Double Iron Man in 2017 and 2019. Ironman Poland record holder in 2019. However, not only that … he passed 900 km on the bike, 211 km and another 19 km. Like fish in water. He won the World Championship at the Iron Men distance five times. Attempted murder, sweat, fighting strength, sense of game and … perfect! Manage. Everything went Three days The competition with the other participants and – above all – took place with him Mexico.

Has he written in the pages of history? That was the goal. Official time? 67 hours, 58 minutes and one second.

The achievement of an athlete The partner commented. Agnieszka Vodorsik He posted a photo of his girlfriend on his Instagram.

The love of my life, Robert Cara, became the world champion in the five-time iron distance
-19 km swimming
-900 km bike
-211 km flow
Baby you are the best and ours – She spoke proudly on social media.

They broke down Voices of joy And hot Congratulations.

Congratulations, what a visitor – Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan commented.

Cyborg – Written by Rafa Jongis.

Beautiful items – Jonah Koronievska added.

Tissot but a pig
It is a kind of universe
This is incredible – Written by Internet users.

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