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A desperate search for the lost submarine

A desperate search for the lost submarine

If the ship is still intact, it is assumed that the oxygen will continue until Friday evening Norwegian time.

– Major General Ahmed Riaz, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense in Indonesia, said that we are increasing our efforts today.

On Thursday, the army discovered an unidentified object 50 to 100 meters deep. Search crews hope the missing submarine is the KRI Nanggala 402.

Several countries are involved

But there are concerns that the submarine may be lower, at a depth not designed to withstand. Oil spills in the area could be a sign of ship damage.

Australia, the United States, India, Malaysia and Singapore all said they will help search off the coast of Bali for the holidays. Singapore sends a specially designed ship to rescue submarines.

The plan is for a total of 24 ships and patrol aircraft to participate in the search on Friday. They want to focus on the area where the oil spill was found.

Training tasks

The German-made submarine was reported missing during a training mission on Wednesday. The connection was broken shortly after the ship requested permission to dive.

The submarine was built in 1978 and since then has been in service for many countries, including Greece, India, Argentina and Turkey.

A spokesman for the Indonesian Navy said earlier that the submarine was most likely between 600 and 700 meters deep. It is believed that it can only handle a depth of up to 500 meters.