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A dirty election campaign in Texas - The Trump candidate is accused of crowning her husband

A dirty election campaign in Texas – The Trump candidate is accused of crowning her husband

New York (Dagbladet): After the first round of elections in the precinct near Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday, it became clear that Republican Susan Wright would contest a second round of election against another Republican candidate, Jake Elsay.

The election comes after Wright’s husband and Representative Ron Wright died of Corona in February. Former United States President Donald Trump lent his support to Susan Wright.

So the election is seen as one of the first tests of Trump’s power in controlling the Republican Party. The result may indicate that this is the case.

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Automatic dialing

But in the run-up to the election campaign, Susan Wright also had to ask the FBI to investigate who was behind the spontaneous voter calls over allegations that she “killed” her husband, according to reports. Politico.

The automatic phone call occurs from a hidden number. A female voice says that Wright “killed her husband” and that she is now “running for Congress to cover it.” Woman’s Voice then claims that Wright “obtained a life insurance policy for her husband of one million dollars six months before his death.” Then the voice claimed that Wright “confessed in tears to a nurse that she had intentionally contracted the Coronavirus,” the website writes.

Ron Wright became the first congressman to die from Corona on February 7 this year. He had lung cancer when he was hit.

– Sewage

It remains unknown who is behind the phone call.

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– It is illegal, immoral and wrong. No sewage system is deeper than some politicians can sink to the bottom, Wright said in a statement, according to Politico.

Despite the horrific campaign strategy, Wright won the first round with 19 percent. Elsie was next at 13.8 percent, he writes Watchman.

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Thus, there will be two Republicans in the second round of the elections. The best Democrat, Jana Lynn Sanchez, got 13.4 percent of the vote, 354 fewer than Elsie.

Many of Wright’s opponents react strongly to the phone call.

– This is horrible. Ellzey tells Politico that it’s unbelievable for someone to drown so low.

The only anti-Trump candidate among the Republicans, Michael Wood, ended up distant with 3 percent of the vote.

Trump congratulated

After Wright won the first round, Trump was among the well-wishers. At the same time, he makes sure he gets credit for the score.

Congratulations to Suzanne Wright for the great progress you made yesterday. Suzanne has made progress after giving her support last week. Trump wrote that her gorgeous husband looks at us with contempt and is extremely proud of her Press release Sunday.

Thank you, President Trump! #MAGA, Wright writes himself Twitter.

No date has yet been set for the second round of the elections.