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A disturbing video depicts the birth of dozens of transparent cockroaches

A disturbing video depicts the birth of dozens of transparent cockroaches

Scientists record the first moments of cockroaches' lives. The nasty insects emerge from a structure that looks much like a black sac, called an ootheca.

January 30
– 9:04 pm

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Cockroaches are insects that cause shivers and even catophobia (an intense fear of cockroaches) in some people, but the birth of these creatures can be even more worrying, new records reveal. In the first moments, it is possible to observe dozens of translucent nymphs – a stage that begins immediately after the eggs hatch and continues until adulthood – emerging from a structure known as the otheca, in search of food.

Photo: Twenty20photos/Envato Elements/Canaltech

Adrian Smith, a scientist at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (USA) and founder of the Ant Lab project, is one of the people who dedicated themselves to recording the first seconds of the life of the American cockroach (American oceanic planet) as well as the German cockroach (Platella germanica), also known as the cockroach.

Next, watch the video on interval Which depicts the birth of cockroaches of both types in the laboratory:


Birth of cockroaches

In addition to the shivers it causes Birth of cockroachesAnother factor worth highlighting in the photos is the ootheca, something that looks more like a bag, box, or even a box encased in eggs. Thinking about the evolution of insects, they really have this protective function, as explained in an article from the University of Florida (USA).

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If protected, otheca reduce the risk of the eggs being destroyed or even attacked by other species. However, it also maintains enough water and nutrients to ensure the survival of young organisms in the process of development. Strategically, they are built near food sources for the nymphs after hatching.

The ootheca consists of secretions secreted by the insect, and is initially light brown in color, but becomes darker over time. The video shows that the place is very dark and contains American cockroach eggs. They average about 8 mm in length and 5 mm in height, and have the capacity to protect approximately 16 eggs.

New photos of the Othica rupture

Ant Lab's records are not the only ones that involve the breeding and birthing process of cockroaches. Documentary series Real insect liferecorded by National Geographic and available on flow Disney +, and also details this disturbing moment in its first season, according to what the site stated Live sciences.

source: University of California

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