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A duo from Braga wins a Saudi contract on the Formula 1 circuit – Technologies

A duo from Braga wins a Saudi contract on the Formula 1 circuit – Technologies

The role of Director of World Motorsport and Karting Racing, a “hobby” that Ramiro Brito has been practicing for about 30 years, prompted the CEO of the Érre Group from Braga to direct a race at the Bahrain International Circuit, about two years ago.

In this event, the challenge was launched, which the businessman immediately accepted, to enter the race to renew the technological infrastructure of the Arab Circuit, so he set out to search for partners in the field of surveillance and security, which were not there. Business sectors of the Érre Group, after finding a partner for this successful business adventure in the Braga Group, Bernardo da Costa.

The result: “By combining the ‘knowledge and experience’ of the Bernardo da Costa Group in the field of surveillance and security technologies and the knowledge of the IT company of the Érre Group, Érre Technology, more focused on infrastructure, architecture, systems maintenance and ‘monitoring’, a partnership has resulted in a project that has proven to be The winner in the analysis of the competition jury in that Arab country,” the Braga Consortium revealed in a statement.

The project will consist of the design, installation, operation and monitoring of the “race control system”, in addition to the fiber infrastructure, data storage and processing of the aforementioned circuit, as well as the entire sound system, “equipping it with innovative technology” “which is unusual in this type of karting track, with cutting-edge technology.” “For more efficient management of the international races held on that circuit, which is located in one of the best global references in motorsport and karting,” the consortium asserts.

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“The first future partnerships between the two groups”

For Ricardo Costa, CEO of the Bernardo da Costa Group, “this is an important step for the group”, entering a new market in which it had not been operating, in a strategically suitable geographical location.

“It is also a challenge due to the requirements of the project, which is expected to be the first among others that we intend to develop in the region,” highlights Ricardo Costa, known for offering tropical holidays to workers and who also heads the Minho Business Association (AEMinho).

In turn, Ramiro Brito, who is most knowledgeable in the world of motor sports, considered that “this entry into the market in Bahrain and that region is important, in an attractive project because of the challenge and responsibility it carries.”

He added: “It seems to us that entering this market is an important strategic choice, and we are optimistic about the future in this type of economic geography,” highlighting that “the Bernardo da Costa Group was the ideal partner, given its credibility and experience.” “The added value it brings to the project. We also believe that this is the first future partnership between the two groups,” concludes Ramiro Brito, Ricardo Costa’s deputy in the direction of AEMinho.

The amounts related to the deal in Bahrain were not disclosed “for reasons of confidentiality imposed by the recruitment process.”

We must remember that Bahrain is the scene of the biggest events in the world of motorsport, such as Formula 1, the World Endurance Championship, the Rotax Grand Finals, and others, and “investing in technological modernization is the necessary response.” “Because of the high requirements imposed by this type of tournament, both at the level of operational management of the event and at the level of sports analysis.”

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Bernardo da Costa employs more than 300 people, Érre Group 55

The grandson of the group’s founder Bernardo da Costa, Ricardo leads a universe of 10 companies, of which the main company, IBD Global, emerged from the merger with the Spanish companies DiiD (in 2019) and IPTecno (in 2020), which operates in security distribution electronics in Portugal, Spain and Morocco, and also owns stakes in companies such as KuantoKusta and Doutor Finanças Minho.

The Bernardo da Costa Group ended the last financial year with sales of 69 million euros, four million more than the previous year, and currently employs more than 300 people, including 156 in Portugal.

The Air Group, which employs 55 people and does not disclose the value of its turnover, consists of five companies dedicated to business areas such as IT and application development, environmental consulting, GIS, planning and tourism, communications agency, event production, and is also involved in a partnership with Sonae Sierra in Operation of “dining halls”.