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A girl dressed as Isabel II receives a letter from the Queen

A girl dressed as Isabel II receives a letter from the Queen

Mask with royal consent. the Queen Isabel II I couldn’t resist sending a message to a girl dressed up as the Queen for Halloween 2021.

The case just popped up and dates back to October 31 last year. Galen Sutherland From Ohio, USA, She is 1 year old, Isabel II’s name has been hidden by her mother, Mary Morrison. Wearing a blue suit, matching hat, white wig and even corgis, the girl was happy. The photos were published on the Internet and sent to the king by mail.

Isabelle II, impressed by the cheerfulness and playfulness, pointed out the need for contact with the family. The girl’s mother, Marie, revealed the event to the North American Show today, disclosure of the contents of the letter, received on December 9. “The Queen would like to write my thanks for the letter and for the photograph which I have carefully included.” Lady-in-Wait wrote to the King. “Your Majesty, thanks you for your kindness to write to him, and is pleased to see a picture of his daughter Galen in her fine dress.” The message ends like this: “His Majesty the King wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, and asked that some information be attached about the royal pets that Galen might wish to have.”

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