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A heartbreaking goodbye

A heartbreaking goodbye

– Hello everyone, I am Rayyan, Adam’s fiancé. There are many things I could say about Adam. If I had the time, I could talk about it for hours. Instead, I wanted to write him a letter, similar to the one I would write to him on our wedding day.

This is how Ryan Wolf opened his speech to his late fiancée during a public memorial service in Minnesota. Ice hockey player Adam Johnson died after being struck by a skate in the neck area during a game just over a week ago.

On that occasion, friends, family, former teammates and coaches gathered at Hibbing Memorial Arena to bid farewell to Johnson, who grew up there.

Dead: Adam Johnson. Photo: Mark Sawyer/Misabi Daily News via AP/NTB
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The family said he intends to give up ice hockey and start the next chapter in his life. He was engaged to Ryan Wolfe, who was on the court when Johnson passed out on the ice in a pool of blood, shocking everyone in attendance. He later died in hospital.

Wolf gave a heartbreaking speech during the memorial service. She was supported by her sister, who stood by her side.

– Hello, my dear. I want you to know how much I love and adore you. You have been incredibly supportive and kind to me since the first day we met, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that,” Wolf said tearfully.

-I always thought that maybe I would be lucky enough to be more like you if we lived together. You were a special person. You had the best sense of humor, the biggest heart, the smartest mind, and the kindest soul. You have been loyal, loyal and incredibly smart.

Blomsterhave: Also in Nottingham, where Adam Johnson played, he was remembered.  Photograph: Zac Goodwin/PA via AP/NTB

Blomsterhave: Also in Nottingham, where Adam Johnson played, he was remembered. Photograph: Zac Goodwin/PA via AP/NTB
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There was not a dry eye in the hall as many people took the stage. Many had difficulty saying what they planned to say, because tears were flowing.

– Last year you made a lot of plans for us. Maybe we were going to start a farm, or a café, or I was going to become something big so you could be a stay-at-home dad with a squad full of kids you wanted. “I wish we could have this and more, and I pray we can have it in another life,” Wolf said.

The entire session lasted over two hours and was streamed live Youtube. A large picture of Johnson was placed in the middle of the ice, and many pointed out his big smile and contagious mood.

– That smile will haunt me forever. It embodies the essence of who he was. “All the stories you heard today, that’s how he was,” said Mark DiCenzo, Johnson’s former coach, who found it difficult to speak.

“I can see him saying, ‘Coach, pull yourself together,'” DiCenzo said as he broke down in tears.

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