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A hotel born in the old restaurant on the "Curve of Monaco" for sale for 8 million - Tourism and Leisure

A hotel born in the old restaurant on the “Curve of Monaco” for sale for 8 million – Tourism and Leisure

In Caxias, on the waterfront linking Lisbon and Cascais, the so-called “Curve of Monaco” owes its name to the mythical space, once a place full of charm, that has remained dilapidated and uninhabited for decades.

An icon of nightlife in the following decades, in addition to being a restaurant, it was the scene of the parties attended by the Lisbon jet-setter in the following decades.

Opened in 1956, it takes its name from the principalities of Rainier and Grace, who came to visit the place in the 1960s, accompanied by their children Alberto and Carolina.

Born from the inspiration of businessman Manuel Utrillo Costa and captain Chigundo Gallarza, Monaco still maintains its aura after April 25, 1974, when many of its regular and wealthy clients left the country, but, already in the hands of its other owners, is in decline in the late 1980s, after it ended in shutdown. .

In 2008, Monaco was reborn in the hands of businessman Luis Quaresma and the Dançarte school, but the second life of the space was short, and soon after that it was permanently closed.

Located on an area of ​​more than 1,000 square metres, the space was to be sold, in 2014, to a Spanish group, for less than 800,000 euros, which won the race for a Portuguese entrepreneur in the restaurant sector and a company based in Panama.

Last January, Público newspaper reported that a project to convert the space into a hotel, was put up for sale for eight million euros.

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Ten months later, Maxgroup, the franchisee of the Remax real estate network, presents itself as the entity selling the property, which is “in the process of being rehabilitated and converted into a four-star hotel unit,” the statement was sent to newsrooms, Wednesday, November 24.

“A rehabilitation project that preserves the name of the curve that surrounds it and consists of 54 rooms, a restaurant, meeting rooms, a spa, a swimming pool, a ‘rooftop’ and a bar with distinctive views”, he asserts, noting that the project was signed by the architect Pedro Mezia López.

Max Group confirms: “With the wide balconies, the facade of this development will preserve the existing cover full of history and gain height for better use of the view overlooking the Tagus and the Atlantic Ocean.”

“This project was born out of an existing building, a very busy restaurant where stories were born that today are memories that many describe as unforgettable. It is an unmissable investment opportunity in the center of Caxias, where, in addition to the interior comfort of the hotel, there will be a reassuring view of the Tagus River.” Without a doubt, we could not take advantage of the opportunity to market a project like the Hotel Monaco.

On the property’s website, the selling price of the property is still at eight million euros.

Negocios Maxgroup asked who the owner of the place was, but he had not received any answer yet.