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A joint effort against dengue in Consolação was attended by students from the capital – Vitoria City Hall

A joint effort against dengue in Consolação was attended by students from the capital – Vitoria City Hall

Published on 03/28/2024 at 08:40 | Updated on 28/03/2024 at 08:41

Written by Giovanna Riboli Santos (girsantoseira$, edited by Andreza Lopez

In collaboration with Danilo Ascasipa

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Children from Cmei Carlos Alberto Martinelli give a demonstration of citizenship at the “Dengue Wednesday” event.

The social mobilization “Dengue Wednesday” this Wednesday (27), in Consolação, in addition to relying on the participation of community leaders, endemic disease control agents and the Vitoria clean-up team, had a special participation of Education Youth and Adults (EJA) students from the Municipal Primary School (Emef )Prof. João Bandeira and children from the local Carlos Alberto Martinelli Center for Early Childhood Education (Cmei). The children, accompanied by EJA students, distributed information about dengue fever and carried posters, setting real role models about citizenship and education.

“Today, this work really had more emotion. Seeing children entering the health unit to do outreach work gave us hope. Raising the awareness of adults is often difficult, but if we create new conscious citizens, hope grows in our hearts.” Director of the Center for Environmental Health Monitoring, Inessa de Andrade.

During the mobilization process, agents inspected 197 properties, identifying 120 deposits with standing water, 15 of which were already suffering from mosquito infestations.


Vitoria City Council is implementing a series of measures aimed at combating the Aedes aegypti mosquito, such as guidelines and educational methods at municipal fairs and parks, joint efforts to remove litter and guidance on the correct disposal of waste, periodic monitoring of hundreds of ponds and drains using biological larvicides, car smoke and home visits in Districts with more dengue notifications or complaints across 156.

Since March 2023, Vitória has also begun using drones to map properties that are difficult for agents to enter or to identify potential mosquito infestations in places that are difficult for agents to reach. Based on the images, an access plan and itinerary are created to inspect the properties mapped by the agents to identify potential breeding sites and carry out removal, spot treatment and health education.

Public participation is essential in the fight against Aedes aegypti. To assist residents in this important task, Vitoria City Hall provides a mosquito control checklist.

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