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A journalist said she was sexually harassed by Chris Cuomo, of CNN - Atalidad

A journalist said she was sexually harassed by Chris Cuomo, of CNN – Atalidad

Journalist Shelley Ross made public, through a text published in the New York Times, accusing Chris Cuomo of sexual harassment.

Shelley was then working as an executive producer on a show for anchor and journalist on ABC News.

The two journalists intersected outside the professional field at a farewell party for a colleague, in 2005, and it was precisely at the event that it all happened.

“When Cuomo walked into the bar on the Upper West Side, he came towards me and greeted me with a big hug while lowering his hand and squeezing my buttocks,” he says.

Annoyed, Shelley prompted CNN’s current face and exasperated to leave the venue with her husband – who witnessed it all even from a distance.

Cuomo sent an email about an hour later with the headline: “Now that I think about it…I’m embarrassed.” The caller lamented that he had overstepped himself, especially since he had done so in front of his colleague’s husband. And it is precisely this last fact that prompted Shelley to wonder whether the apology indicated sincere remorse or merely the fact that Cuomo considered that he did not respect the journalist’s husband.

The conviction of Shelley Ross specifically comes as Chris Cuomo’s brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, finds himself embroiled in a sex scandal. The journalist notes the fact that Cuomo distanced himself from his brother’s crimes, emphasizing that he was always an advocate for their punishment.

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