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A jury in the USA decided that Google had an illegal monopoly on mobile applications

A jury in the USA decided that Google had an illegal monopoly on mobile applications

This decision came in a lawsuit filed by Epic Games, the company responsible for the game Fortnite, last November against Google. The company lost a similar lawsuit against Apple in 2021.

Epic Games claimed that Google and Apple force companies that develop applications to use the App Store (Apple) and Play Store (Google), as well as payment systems, demanding a 30% commission.

The jury agreed with Epic Games and concluded that Google acted to fend off competition and that the automatic connection between the Play Store and the Google Play Billing payment service was unlawful.

Judge James Donato, in charge of the case, said that in the second week of January, he will begin holding hearings to determine what actions Google must take to resolve the problem.

The ruling is “a victory for all app creators and consumers around the world” and proves that Google “abuses its monopoly to charge exorbitant fees, stifle competition, and reduce innovation.”Epic Games said in a statement.

Feedback from targets

Apple and Google say their commissions fall within the industry average, noting that they ensure, in particular, the security of payment services.

In a statement, Google Vice President Wilson White said the group would appeal the ruling, and said the judicial process had “made clear” the existence of “fierce competition” not only with Apple, but also with other platforms for apps and game consoles. .

Google faces similar charges in a lawsuit filed in 2021 by the states that make up the United States. The trial began on November 6, but the verdict has not yet been announced.

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The Department of Justice and other US government agencies have also initiated several antitrust actions against the technology company, focusing on alleged monopolistic behavior in the advertising and research market.