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A legend about scripts for Iga Swedek in Indian Wells.  "Tony Topspina"

A legend about scripts for Iga Swedek in Indian Wells. “Tony Topspina”

Swedek began his career by visiting the football ground in Indian Wells. – Better than Lewandowski – His tricks and techniques are summarized on Twitter, which will undoubtedly impress compared to other tennis players. But, of course, this is not a huge asset compared to Iga’s competitors. And Navratilova is well aware of this.

Conditions for players in power

– If Iga wins, he will usually win big – Russein’s tennis player appreciates the style that has accustomed us to the biggest hits. – In 2020, Roland Keros won the title without losing a single set at the ground. He recently dominated Doha. When it’s on gas, it’s. Conditions in Indian Wells will be similar to those in Qatar. Although very slow, the ball will jump very high due to the height. These are the conditions for players who have the energy to overcome with their strokes. He has “Dun Topspin” on the front, which brought him success in Doha and now Navratilova has explored the need to work well in Indian Wells.

But he noted the other strengths of 18-time Grand Slam champion Swedek. – He can beat on any surface. Also on the grass. Its best advantage is the topspin, which can bite into Indian wells, but also other organs. It goes down on the legs. He can play on the slide – the star praised our tennis player.

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See Iga Swedek playing football and what she can do on the field

But Navratilova said the pole alone was not likely to win. In addition to wiatek, the group of potential winners includes two Spaniards: WTA Finals champion Corbin Muguruza and the first defensive title since October 2021 (the event then took place on an unusual, autumn date), Paula Badosa.

Believe in yourself that there is certainty

– Muguruza wants speedy courts and needs confidence. In Guadalajara, she discovered it and convinced herself that it exists and exists. Now he will have the best chance of being in Miami, but Corbyn’s “discovery” could happen here in Indian Wells. The weather in California may be windy, the evenings may be cold, and some things may get accustomed. And if Muguruza organizes his game properly, he can adapt to these problems – said the former American champion of Czech descent.

She overestimated Badosa’s abilities. – She returns to where she won, usually not a year later, but five months later. He is a full-fledged athlete, probably 95 percent complete. This can improve the transition of the attacker from the line to the net action. I like her attitude and what usually happens around her – said Navratilova.

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In his opinion, the Indian Wells match starts in the absence of Ashley Party. From the point of view of Iga Switech. The Australians have usually played well at this time of year, so the absence of the world’s first rocket will have an impact on the opening of the bracket.

Who can threaten Swiątek

Navratilova also offers Americans some opportunities. Among other things, Madison Keys, who started the season well, played in the semifinals of the Australian Open once he played offensively. But I control my strength and I don’t play with tension. Amanda Anisimova is the second best performing candidate in Indian Wells. – It is maturing – says Martina Navratilova. – During his life, he faced personal problems (his father died) and health problems (long injuries). The former star says he is now a black horse wherever he goes.

Who else in California can threaten Iga Swede? Navratilova is unlikely to believe that this is Simona Halep, who, in his opinion, has lost its regularity. There is no point in attacking him, sometimes he behaves very tense and, in defense, he retreats very deeply. She highly appreciates the strong latest Jelena Ostapenko. When she hits, she can’t stop, but that gives her a great chance at the next WTA 1000 event in Miami.

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Three Polish women on the main ladder

Despite finishing fourth in the rankings, Ika will start the tournament in 3rd place. He will start the performance from the second round. Along with him, Magda Lynette will appear at the start, and perhaps Magdalena Fresh. On Monday, Łodzianka knocked out Alicia Parks, the host’s representative in the first round. She won 6: 2, 6: 3, and now she faces Taria Chavez. So a tennis player, he lost at the Swedec in Adelaide this year. We hope Fręch will repeat his decision, and we will see three poles on the main ladder.

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