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A line on the sirens on the anniversary of the Smolensk disaster.  Moraviki and Dusk Comment - Wprost

A line on the sirens on the anniversary of the Smolensk disaster. Moraviki and Dusk Comment – Wprost

The Ministry of the Interior and Administration announced on Sunday, April 10, at 08:41, that alarm sirens will sound throughout Poland. In this way, the 12th anniversary of the Smolensk disaster is to be commemorated in memory of the victims. In addition, a message is to be sent to all Ukrainian SIM cards registered in Poland, indicating that the siren sound is not related to the war with Russia. For the benefit of the refugees, many local government officials have already announced that they will not follow the orders of the Voyage.

Sirens on Tusk’s anniversary of Smolensk plane crash: This is not a good idea

PO chairman Donald Dusk was asked about the issue of sirens at a news conference on Saturday.

From this sound, it would not be a good idea to celebrate the Smolensk anniversary with sirens in front of the 2.5 million Ukrainian refugees who fled the bombs. – Rated Task. – As far as I know the shows of the celebrations are so rich that it will be televised. It will be a few masses, there will be some meetings organized by President Kaczyński. Running sirens in every city tomorrow does not seem like a very appropriate idea – Added.

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Moraviki: Some people sometimes split their hair into four

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was also asked about the issue of sirens. – J.Tomorrow is a special anniversary. Anniversary of the greatest tragedy of contemporary Poland – Said the Prime Minister. – All Polish patriots know that this memory is about the big poles, about President Lek Kaczynski and all the good people, about the best politicians of that era. – Added.

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It also justified the need for the sound of sirens. – To let all the Poles know that this is a special moment, we decided to let the sirens ring in Polish cities and towns. Not to worry our guests coming from Ukraine, each of them has already received an SMS today, so they know that tomorrow such sirens will be heard in many Polish cities. Let it be a monument, this alarm will raise our awareness. And awareness of those who sometimes divide our hair into four, sometimes looking at the hole as a whole and trying to tear something apart, trying to disrupt our unity. he said. – I oppose it. I seek to unite us in the struggle for a sovereign Ukraine and to build a common front. Because, remember that they are fighting there for us. These husbands, brothers, sons of these women and children who came to us in Poland and we are treating them. They are fighting for our demand – Added.

Moraviki is “sure” that the fighting Ukrainians know it well. “What potential are Russian criminals?”. – What they are capable of in the near and distant past. During World War II, in the case of Katin. What they are unfortunately still capable of today. Let these sirens remind us that this is not a normal time, but a time of peace and security. Because this normal time was ruined by thugs and bandits from the Kremlin – He insisted.

Smolensk disaster and sirens. Politicians and critics alike

Joachim Brudzinski, PIS MEP

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Magdalena Adamovich, MEP of KO

Krzysztof smiszek, left-wing MP

Bogdan Zdrojewski, Senator of the Civil Base

Joachim Brudzinski, PIS MEP

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, President of the PSL

Sławomir Nitras, MP from PO

Maciej Konieczny, MP together

Stanisław Tyszka, MP of Kukiz’15

Marta Wcisło, MP from PO

Michał Wypij, MP for the deal

Hannah Kronkiewicz Waltz, former mayor of Warsaw

Zurek Ovsiak, President of the Great Foundation of the Christmas Foundation

Dariusz Grędziński, journalist at Wprost

Lucas Warsawcha, journalist

Christoph Stanovsky, journalist

Jarosław Kuźniar, journalist

Jacek Gądek, journalist

Grzegorz Kramer, Jesuit

Derek Aviglock, journalist

Patrick Slovic, journalist

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