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A man discovers advanced colorectal cancer after he was suspected of having hemorrhoids – News

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The tumor was confirmed after a colonoscopy
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American Joshua Sanchez, 38, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at an advanced stage after he was suspected of having hemorrhoids.

According to the British tabloid newspaper daily MailSanchez suspected something wasn’t right with his health when he noticed blood in his stool, in 2021. Since then, the New Yorker has sought medical help.

for the American program todayThe man, who has a hearing impairment, stated through interpreters that the doctors subjected him to endoscopy and colonoscopy, examinations that confirmed the presence of blood in the stool. The boy was also found to have a mass of cells in the liver – a metastatic tumor – and a tumor in his colon.

After sending the tumors for a biopsy, the doctors confirmed the presence of cancer and metastases. With that, they started chemotherapy and performed surgery to remove the liver tumor.

In addition, Sanchez had to make use of a hepatic arterial infusion pump, which would deliver the chemotherapy directly to the liver.

The following year, after further testing, doctors were able to see a series of lesions in the organ affected by the malignant tumor.

So they decided to offer the man a different treatment: stereotactic body radiotherapy. Treatment consists of using a high dose of radiation in a way that targets the tumor.

However, the doctors found a pitfall—because Sanchez was hard of hearing, he couldn’t understand the instructions on how to breathe during the procedure, since the liver is an organ that moves during inhalation and exhalation, and they couldn’t subject the auxiliary translator to such exposure.

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As a solution, they connected the patient and the interpreter through virtual reality goggles, allowing Sanchez to receive instructions on how to act during the procedure.

“Medicine should be available to all types of patients,” he said. todayVishruta Dumane, physicist responsible for designing the solution.

For now, Sanchez is still undergoing radiation therapy to treat his pelvic injuries and is being monitored to track whether the cancer has spread.

He warned people to be more concerned about their health and to be aware of the signs, because by having similar symptoms, hemorrhoids can be mistaken for colorectal cancer.

According to the Ministry of Health, symptoms of colon and rectal cancer include blood in the stool. recurrent abdominal pain and cramps lasting more than 30 days; a change in bowel function, when a person who used to have a normal bowel rhythm begins to have diarrhea or constipation; Rapid and unintentional weight loss. Anemia; Tired. and weakness.

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