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A man takes an inoculation syringe and puts it on his arm in the European group

A man takes an inoculation syringe and puts it on his arm in the European group

man was About to be vaccinated against Covid-19, he took the syringe with the immunizing agent from the vaccinator’s hands and placed it on his arm. The case took place on Saturday (3) in the city of Eusebio in the Fortaleza metropolitan area, and was recorded by a colleague who was accompanying the man on video. The city council warns of the dangers of this type of situation.

The video shows the man talking to health professionals who are already there to receive the immunization agent. The nursing assistant raises her arm and shows the man the prepared syringe. That’s when a worker takes the vaccination from her hands, points to the camera of a colleague who was filming, and then suddenly, applies the vaccination to his arm. The nurse was still trying to get the syringe back, but the man was faster than her.

After applying the immunizing agent to your arm, The man returns the syringe to the nurse and leaves,The team was left by surprise.

Fear of not being immunized

This was explained by a family member who preferred to remain anonymous The man had an attitude of fear of some kind of fraud and he did not play by putting the immunization agent on his arm. According to a family member, the man did not take the injection from the nurse in order to demoralize the professionals present there.

The vaccination follows the technical standards and the application is carried out by a qualified specialist. During immunization, each person can check which vaccine is to be applied, and whether there is liquid in the syringe, through standard procedures approved by the vaccinators, of the health authorities.

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“It resonated in a way we didn’t expect, it wasn’t a joke. He had an attitude towards a lot of the things we see on TV, from people who don’t know how to vaccinate, from people who pretend to vaccinate and don’t. Vaccine, finally, expired vaccine, vaccine wasted. , and it was indeed an attitude he had taken, which was never a joke to demoralize any employee, nor anything like that,”

The time a man injects himself with a vaccine in Ciara

The work was dangerous and reckless, says the city council

In a statement, Eusebio City Council stated that it considers Behaving “inappropriate, reckless, dangerous and even disrespectful to the person performing the vaccination, who is a professional capable of carrying out the vaccination”.

The city council also regretted the situation, which it considers “reprehensible” because it put the man himself at risk of an accident. “For example, there could have been (there wasn’t) a needle tear in his arm,” he said in a statement.

The state immunization coordination will be notified of the occurrence as a vaccination incident. The note concludes, “We will be more attentive to limiting and preventing other incidents like this one, which, it has been said, is reprehensible.”