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A Marvel actor stars in the new Stormgate trailer at The Game Awards

A Marvel actor stars in the new Stormgate trailer at The Game Awards

Stormgate will enter early access in 2024; The game is currently in closed beta stage

Image: Reproduction/Frost Giant Studios

During the Game Awards 2023movie and television star Simo Liuin Shang-Chi, Barbie that it Comfort Kimtook the stage to present a new trailer for his film Storm Gateis a real-time strategy game developed by Frost Giant Studios, a studio created by former members of Blizzard Entertainment.

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Watch the trailer:

Liu, a veteran RTS player, will play Warz in Stormgate. His character is the commander of the host’s infernal army and will recur in the game’s story, which is co-written by Chris Metzen, one of the names behind Blizzard’s Worlds of Warcraft and StarCraft.

“When we found out that Stormgate was in development and that it was from the same people who made the games I loved as a kid (and adored in so many ways), I was excited and wanted to see if I could get involved.” Simu Liu said. “The most exciting thing about Stormgate is that it was created by people who love RTS. This game has in its DNA all the games I loved as a kid.

Kickstarter Founder’s Packs and exclusive Collector’s Edition

Earlier this week, Frost Giant Studios released Kickstarter campaign Participants can obtain the Digital Founder’s Pack, which includes campaign content, playable heroes and exclusive rewards, as well as access to the beta and a limited-edition game mascot, similar to the studio’s mascot.

The Kickstarter campaign will also give players the opportunity to obtain the Stormgate Collector’s Edition, which includes a mech statue of Vanguard Vulcan.

Closed beta and early access on Steam in 2024

Stormgate entered closed beta on December 5 and will be completely free when it enters Early Access in 2024, which will be an opportunity for developers to continue improving and producing content while receiving feedback directly from players. According to Tim Campbell, the game’s director, the release date is “When you’re ready.”

Currently, the Stormgate closed beta offers two ways to play:

  • 3P Cooperative: A mode where you team up with two friends to defeat AI-controlled enemies, with multiple difficulty levels and options to keep things exciting.
  • Competitive 1v1: A mode where you can play head-to-head without heroes for a more pure and competitive RTS experience.

In the future, Stormgate will also contain the following modes:

  • Expanded campaign: An ongoing campaign mode with new missions published regularly. Each playable faction will have its own campaigns with new stories introduced over time.
  • Customizable games: It was RTS publishers who led to the creation of the MOBA genre, tower defense games and car battles. The game offers players the same tools used to create Stormgate in the most powerful RTS editor to date. The possibilities are endless.
  • 3 vs 3: Stormgate will also feature a 3v3 competitive mode with unique heroes and objectives.

Stormgate is in development for PC and has no release date yet.

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