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A mother is inspired by her daughter to treat breast cancer at a hospital in MG

A mother is inspired by her daughter to treat breast cancer at a hospital in MG

A story proving the power of love to inspire and motivate was written at the Moriai Cancer Hospital, in the Zona da Mata in Minas Gerais. Vivienne, 38, and her daughter Sophia, 10, are facing the battle against cancer together, demonstrating their unbreakable bond of support.

Vivian, who had breast cancer, found the strength in her daughter, who was recovering from leukemia, to face the treatment. The shared experience strengthened the relationship between mother and daughter.

“When I was diagnosed, I felt like my world was turning upside down. But with my little Sophia, I found the strength to move forward. Our bond has become a shield, and together, I feel like we can overcome anything. Challenge,” says Vivian.

In the middle of Pink October, a month dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer, Vivian also highlights the importance of early diagnosis and paying attention to changes in the body. “We cannot neglect our health. It is important to be aware and seek medical help when necessary,” he concludes.

Luiz Carlos, a breast doctor at Moorea Cancer Hospital, talks about the importance of Pink October. He says: “It is an opportunity to remind everyone that breast cancer is a serious problem. It cannot be ignored. Following a healthy lifestyle, with regular physical activity and a balanced diet, are some ways to prevent the disease.”

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