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A new bank starts this week with a new image

A new bank starts this week with a new image

New life, new image. The financial institution led by Antonio Ramalho will carry out the process of changing its image, “where the words ‘new’ and ‘banco’ come together, transforming the common adjective into a noun – novobanco – making what once seemed divided and unique. Start writing the name in lowercase, because it appreciates The relationship with the people is more than the law.” The new identity also takes on a new color. “The blue of the sea intertwined with the green, which led to the integration of the Portuguese in its color representation.”

According to the bank, “The process of changing its image, and turning the page, comes after the conclusion of the transition and restructuring of the bank that took place in the past seven years, after it has now started a path of sustainable growth and profitability that was already evident in the positive results that recorded 137 million euros in half. The first of this year,” adding that “this is the path we want to take, the path of profitability and the future. This new image represents the moment when Novobanco is reorienting itself towards the future, with the determination and commitment of all to implement the strategic plan, Fazer Futuro, which indicates the path, goals and ambitions of the triennium 2022/2024.”

The new image will be present in all communication channels of the bank, from digital channels, ATMs, points of sale and cards, as well as in the branch network. The process of applying the new image to the physical network will be progressive, with 50 branches planned by the end of this week, about 100 by the end of the year, with the rest replaced throughout 2022.

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The Bank also draws attention to the fact that this operation was new and groundbreaking at the international level. “It was a collaborative process to create the visual identity of the brand, which went through the development of an application in which bank employees recorded their voices. The individual sound wave generated through a mathematical and numerical model has been transformed into a collective sound wave that represents the voice of those who are the most important component of the bank’s relationship with its customers on a daily basis.”

Novobanco has also developed a new signature for the brand, ‘Together we make the future’ – which aims to highlight and promote ‘different ambition and engagement. the concernedEspecially customers and employees in this process of rebuilding the bank.”

At the same time, the brand’s visual expression has been integrated with a new vocal identity, and SoundlogoCreated notably by a Portuguese composer of a new generation – Moulinex – “who was famous for linking technology and innovation with his creative work – who accepted the challenge of creating the environment generated by the sound waves of the bank’s employees”.

An innovation that, according to the bank led by Antonio Ramalho, represents “a concept that emphasizes union, collaborative spirit and joint action for the common good and of which we are very proud”, Antonio Ramalho advocates for a process Rebranding Now complete. According to the CEO of Novobanco, “This is an innovative way to highlight the tomorrow we want to build, not only within the bank, but also, and above all, our customers, the people, the companies, and the economy of the country. parents.”

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The collaborative process to create the bank’s new image was supported by advertising agency BBDO, in partnership with branding agency Brand Practice, and with technology firm Innovation Makers. It was this team that secured the first Portuguese brand created by the company’s employees. The advertising campaign begins on Saturday.