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A new development in an old murder case

A new development in an old murder case

On New Year's Eve 1990, 23-year-old Hanne With was found murdered in her own apartment in Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

It was her boyfriend who found her naked, with multiple stab wounds and a slit throat, but no one was convicted of the murder.

34 years later, police have now arrested a 53-year-old man and charged him with murder.

New analyzes of DNA traces have given police a major breakthrough in this horrific case. This is what many Danish media outlets, among them, wrote my house And Extra magazine.

– High probability

– Over the years, the murder has been investigated continuously, and in line with developments in DNA technology, the Copenhagen police have placed particular emphasis on analyzes of the DNA material found in the murder victim's trousers, which was very likely to have come from the perpetrator, writes Copenhagen police in a press release.

The 53-year-old was arrested at his workplace, a slaughterhouse, in North Jutland in Denmark.

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The police stated that the Forensic Genetics Department of the Forensic Medicine Institute analyzed the defendant's DNA over the past 24 hours.

The result shows that the man was very likely the originator of the DNA material found on the victim's clothes, Copenhagen police wrote.

On Monday morning, Copenhagen police wrote on X that they were looking for an “important witness” who contacted police anonymously on October 7, 1991.

“We would very much like to contact this witness again,” police wrote.

– Blood poisoning

Han Wey was a prostitute and brought a client to her apartment in Nørrebro on New Year's Eve.

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He agreed with his girlfriend to meet later that night. But when she didn't show, her boyfriend returned to her apartment.

There he was met with the horrific sight of Wyeth's stabbed body.

Then-crime inspector Volmer Petersen described the unidentified perpetrator as “a sadist who must have acted on a rush of blood,” according to The Verge. Extra magazine.