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A new generation of health professionals – SNS

A new generation of health professionals – SNS

A new generation of healthcare professionals

On Wednesday, March 6, the Minister of State for Health Promotion, Margarida Tavares, participated in the inauguration ceremony of the Director of the Higher School of Health of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (ESSLei), Rui Fonseca Pinto. The Minister stressed the importance of higher education institutions in discussing health challenges and preparing a new generation of professionals who “lead the movement” towards prevention and health promotion.

“If we cannot address them directly and courageously, and in a way that is committed and open to change – as a society, as managers, and in every organization – we will miss an opportunity for social and economic development, especially in the face of new generations of workers who are very well prepared and able to that”.

Highlighting pathways such as interdisciplinary working, digitalization of health and integration of care, the Secretary of State for Health Promotion said it was necessary to “recognize that no health problem can be solved within the four walls of a health unit.” How about “This is true when we talk about treating disease, but it is especially true when we talk about preventing disease and promoting health.”

Preparing the achievements of the twenty-first century

“Health promotion must be organized intersectorally and integrated with the different stages of disease prevention, closing the cycle that facilitates the commitment of people and communities to health choices and interventions, increasing the effectiveness of investments and ensuring gains in health,” noted Margarida Tavares, arguing that in the 50 years from April 25 And the 45 years of SNS, it is necessary to prepare the health achievements of the 21st century.

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“It is estimated that 40% of cancer cases are preventable. We must act. Today we have enough tools to eliminate diseases such as hepatitis C or HIV infection. We must act. We can act early on mental health We must act. I could go on, but the result is always the same: we all must do more.

Further work in higher education

Finally, the Secretary of State for Health Promotion highlighted two programs launched by the Government in recent months that serve as a direct call to academia to be part of the change for better health. On the other hand, a program to promote mental health in higher education, allocating 12 million euros. “Universities and technical colleges must be healthy and safe places to ask for help and point out situations of danger, but also to prepare new leaders and design healthy environments at home, in interpersonal relationships, environments with zero tolerance towards any kind of violence and abuse,” he appealed.

Then the Health and Science Program, which aims to encourage health workers to invest in research and pursue advanced studies. “This will finally guarantee protected time for health professionals for research and advanced training (doctorates) as professionals in public health services, especially focusing on applied research, because we really need projects and professionals who transform and advocate for change,” he concluded.