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A new iPad Pro will come with Apple's powerful M3 SoC

A new iPad Pro will come with Apple's powerful M3 SoC

The iPad Pro lineup was last updated in October 2022, when the SoC M2-powered tablet was launched. Since then, more than a year later, nothing has been said… until now. According to strong indications, a very powerful tablet is coming!

Where there is smoke there is fire

There are already many voices saying that the launch of updates to Apple's iPad Pro line is only a few weeks away. according to Bloombergwhich cites people familiar with the matter, says the long-awaited iPad Pro (2024) series, the first iPad with OLED displays, will launch alongside the iPad Air (2024) in early May.

This extends the April deadline for the tablets' launch, which was recently the subject of an article by Mark Gurman in his weekly newsletter. About a week and a half ago, Chinese magazine IT Home reported that the tablets would be launched on March 26, but Gurman was adamant about launching them in April.

The new, more powerful iPad Pro

The iPad Pro (2024) will come in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes, and thanks to the use of an OLED display for the first time on any iPad, the price is expected to be much higher.

Hey iPad Pro 12.9-inch, with its new OLED screenIt is likely to cause a serious price shock. But Apple found a solution for that. It added a 12.9-inch iPad Air (2024) model that will have a screen as large as the iPad Pro, but since it's an LCD display, the price will be lower. The new, larger iPad Air will launch alongside the traditional 10.9-inch model.

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The iPad Pro (2024) tablets are codenamed J717, J718, J720, and J721. a The series will be equipped with the powerful 3nm M3 SoC. Apple will launch revised accessories for the line, including a new Apple Pencil and a new Magic Keyboard.

The iPad Pro is also expected to get support for MagSafe wireless charging. Apple will change the front camera to landscape orientation. iPad Air (2024) will feature a processor upgrade from M1 to M2. The tablets will also have a landscape-oriented front camera.

Amid an industry-wide slump, Apple launched no new tablets last year, the first time since it launched the first iPad in 2010. With the holidays this year, Apple hopes to generate strong demand for updated iPad models.