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A new rumor claims we'll see a foldable iPhone next year

A new rumor claims we'll see a foldable iPhone next year

Predictions for a foldable iPhone launch are in 2026 or 2027, while other suggestions suggest it may never happen. However, a rumor recently emerged that Apple may launch a foldable iPhone next year.

Rumors about a foldable iPhone raise high expectations

Means of communication ITHome Apple is accelerating the development of foldable displays, claims that it may unveil its foldable iPhone as early as next year. This makes sense, given that the company We've been working on two prototypes for yearsOne is shaped like a shell and the other is shaped like a book.

These new rumors focus on the idea that Apple may be developing a foldable iPhone with a design similar to the Galaxy Z Flip or Z Fold. Moreover, Apple is expected to change the foldable phone landscape in 2025, and interest in iPhones also appears to be increasing. It may decrease.

However, it is unlikely that the iPhone will be Apple's first foldable device, as most rumors suggest otherwise, suggesting that Apple's first foldable device could be a MacBook. Which they are also actively working on.

There is also a possibility that Apple may decide not to launch a foldable iPhone due to technical challenges it faces, such as making the screen's central hinge unnoticeable. Current models do not meet the company's quality standards, which, in the past, It led to the cancellation of the AirPower project.


So what can we conclude?

According to rumours, Apple could launch its foldable iPhone as early as 2025, although estimates vary between 2026 and 2027. On the contrary, There are even those who think it will never happen.

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Additionally, Apple has two foldable iPhone prototypes in development, but there is potential for a first foldable device Have a MacBookaccording to some rumours.

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