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A new SC science and technology secretary spearheads the training of professionals

Created just over a month ago by Governor Jorginho Mello, Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Innovation – SCTI has gained quite a boost. At the invitation of Secretary Marcelo Veit, Christian Iata was appointed to lead the department’s training of future specialists and innovative businesses.

In the past two years, as Head of Talent of the Associação Catarinense de Tecnologia – ACATE, I have been actively involved in drafting projects for talent trainers for the IT sector in the state that have affected 10 thousand people in the initiatives implemented by the partners.

In the new position, you will work with Fett and the team on building the state’s project to train people in technology, one of the pillars of the Santa Catarina Inovadora Programme, recently launched by the government.

“I have known Cris Iata’s competency for years and have closely followed some of the projects she has led and made a difference to the lives of many teens and young adults in the initiatives implemented in partnership with ACATE. Now at the State Secretariat, you will contribute so much that we will soon implement actions that will transform thousands of people from Santa Catarina. By being better qualified to take advantage of the countless opportunities that exist in the technology and innovation companies in the state,” Minister Viet affirms.

Optimistic about the new mission, Iata notes that wages in the sector market are above average for traditional jobs and this could be life-changing. “During my work at ACATE, I met many people who didn’t know what tech companies were and when they found out, they started dreaming of working in one. I started this new job willing to contribute to training new ICT talents for companies in Santa Catarina. The goal is for these talents to take advantage of the opportunities and fill thousands of job vacancies,” he affirms.

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ACATE’s latest survey, which identified opportunities in the country’s market, indicated that between 2021 and 2022, there was a shortfall of 12,000 professionals.

Christiane Iata is an Electrical Engineer, MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. in Engineering and Management knowledge on the subject of Women’s Leadership in Technology-Based Companies. He has an MBA in Management and majored in Project Management with an international PMP certification.

In the private sector, he was responsible for structuring and managing the Competitive Intelligence District at Intelbras. At ACATE, as Head of Talent, he was responsible for crafting projects with partners to train people in technology.