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A new source reveals what the iPhone 16 Pro will look like and its dimensions

A new source reveals what the iPhone 16 Pro will look like and its dimensions

Rumors about the iPhone 16 have been circulating for several months, and although the presentation is still far away, we are slowly discovering more and more details about its features. Recently, files have been released that reveal not only the dimensions of this new device, but also its appearance.

The images in question were revealed by 91 mobile, which usually publishes very reliable information about smartphones that are about to be released on the market. The images show the virtual design of the iPhone 16 Pro. Which should present some minor differences compared to its predecessor.

Apple is expected to maintain the familiar design, with titanium frames in the two premium models - Pro and Pro Max - without any changes to the shape of the rear cameras.

Added to this is an action button that is slightly larger than the one found in the 2023 versions, as well as a new capture button. Earlier this year, it was revealed that it would be a physical key, though it would still include touch functionality. For example, You can zoom in and out by sliding your finger over it.

The iPhone 16 Pro could increase in size

However, the most relevant part of the source information leak is the alleged new dimensions of the iPhone 16 Pro, where the cell phone will be 149.6 mm high, and 71.4 mm wide; While its thickness is 8.4 mm. If confirmed, It won't be a small change compared to the iPhone 15 ProIts dimensions are 146.6 x 70.6 x 8.3 mm.

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Strange... The source indicates that the measurements of the new iPhone 16 Pro are for a device that will maintain the familiar 6.1-inch screen. However, this may mean increased margins, When Apple reduces it.

Despite this, it is said that the new dimensions could be closer to those of a 6.3-inch device. Rumors of an increase in the iPhone 16's screen size by 0.2 inches have been circulating since before the launch of the iPhone 15. So we will have to pay attention to this problem.

We still have several months to go before the iPhone 16 sees the light of day. It is expected that the new generation of smartphones from Apple will be officially launched next September. As usual.

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