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A new type of “proboscis” dinosaur is described in the flag of England

Scientists at the Natural History Museum and the University of Portsmouth, UK, described a new species and new species of dinosaur found in England, the main feature of which is a prominent nose.

In an article published Wednesday (10) in the “Journal of Systematic Paleontology,” scientists name the new species Brightstones Simondsee, a herb dinosaur about eight meters long and weighing 900 kilograms.

In fact, the discovery of the fossil is an ancient find: it was found in the 1970s on the Isle of Wight, off the southern coast of England. Initially, the bones were sometimes attributed to Mantellisaurus and sometimes to Iguanodon. They all lived in a period known as the Early Cretaceous.

Recently, a scientist noticed something different in the skull of the white fossil: it has several teeth and a clearly pointed nose.

Mantelisaurus has 23 or 24 teeth, but this one has 28. He also had a bulbous nose, while other species have a very flattened nose. It is clear that these and other small differences made it a new species”, explains the researcher from the museum and university. University of Portsmouth, Jeremy Lockwood.

Noun Brightstones SimondseeLockwood explains, it was named after the village of Brightstone, near the excavation site, and the scientist who found the fossil, Keith Symonds.

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