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A new type of spider named ‘Nemo’ in Australia

Australia is known for its variety of wildlife, especially spiders, which may be small enough to eat a bite or even a grain of rice, even some that glow in the dark. However, this new type of peacock spider (Marathas), Recently discovered by scientists in Sydney, surprising the community with its similarity One of the main fish in the film Search for Nemo.

The Maratus Nemo It was found near the cities of Mount McIntyre and Nangwari in South Australia; And according to research published in the journal Evolutionary system It is a species that lives in shallow and marshy wetlands.

Joseph Schubert, a researcher in archeology at the University of Murdoch, noted in his article that this type of spider differs in that it has small scales with vibrant dyes and a third pair of long legs in color. Name, as the scientist admits, Refers to the character of the same name in the 2003 Walt Disney movie.

Its orange and white scales form a kind of mask between the arachnid eyes, in which the second pair is larger than the others and gives a certain resemblance to the animated character. This sample is surprisingly small, the size of a grain of rice and its discovery was obtained from an investigation by an environmental official.

“Sheryl Holiday, an ecology officer at the Nature Glenelk Foundation, posted some photos to identify spiders, which I found:Oh it looks like it might be a new breed“So I got in touch with her and she ended up sending me some samples,” Schubert told the Victoria Museum, where she also works.

For his part, Holiday said he had never seen a spider like it, and although he gave the species a different name, he certainly wanted the end result, “especially since I had to do sample fishing in the swamp, Mount Bur, I found it in a plant above the water,” he said.

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To date, 92 different types of peacock spiders have been discovered, Their investigations have increased significantly since 2011, the year they discovered only 15. According to Schubert, the event was due to the enthusiasm of the science community and macro photography fans.

The archaeologist is famous in his community for his discoveries It gives new species as far as strange names are concerned. Schubert was responsible for finding the peacock spider Star night, For its resemblance to the work of the painter Vincent van Gogh; 12 more species of the same family.