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A Norwegian student took refuge on the carpet in Poland because of a sticker with the Star of David on it

A Norwegian student took refuge on the carpet in Poland because of a sticker with the Star of David on it

The Middle East

The poster showed a drawing of a person throwing the Israeli flag in a trash can. The text was: “Keep the world clean.”

The Norwegian student carries the controversial poster during demonstrations in Poland earlier this week.

according to Aftenposten Reactions are strong after the poster became known across social media.

Israel’s ambassador to Poland called the poster anti-Semitic, as did Polish President Andrzej Duda, the newspaper wrote.

Norwegian student Marie Andersen participated in a demonstration in support of the Palestinians on Monday. She is studying medicine at the University of Warsaw, which announced shortly afterwards that it had taken appropriate legal action and was cooperating with the police.

The student was summoned to meet the dean.


Andersen wrote on Twitter that she apologizes to everyone who was offended, and that it was unfortunate that her message was misunderstood on social media. The poster was directed to the Israeli authorities.

“There is no place for anti-Semitism or hatred of any religion in this world,” she wrote.

– hard days

to TV2 She says there were some tough days.

– I have been misunderstood in the media and for this reason I have received death threats, rape threats and serious sexual harassment. My family and friends were also harassed.

In addition, someone leaked her social media and private phone number, she says. As a result, she received several thousand text messages and messages on WhatsApp, Instagram and on the phone.

She is now receiving assistance from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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– Wrong connotations

says researcher Øyvind Kobrod at the Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies To Aftenposten The label is problematic in several ways. The Nazis were behind the genocide of the Jews. Polish Jews were forced to wear a yellow six-pointed star with the words “Jew” on it.

“The Star of David being thrown in the trash, and ‘Keep the world clean,’ give connotations that I also hope the student doesn’t identify with,” Kopperud says.