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Maria Das Dorries, 66, a nursing technician, worked for 47 years in the Boom Jesus Health Department

A nursing technician celebrates applying the second dose to her mother after convincing her to be vaccinated against COVID-19

Nurse specialist Maria das Dorries, 66, is naturally capturing patients in Bom Jesus de Itapapuana, northern Rio de Janeiro state, where she has been working for 47 years, but attracts her mother to the health clinic for COVID-19 inoculation that has resulted in a hard work of persuasion. However, the stimuli that were made ended well, as she herself applied a second dose of the immune system to the stubborn Donna Zizi, as Rosemira de Jesus, 88, is known.

This epidemic ended us a bit, right? When I went to vaccinate my mother, I felt a shiver of joy because my mother did not want to be vaccinated at all – Maria said, describing her visually impaired mother as “an example of conquest and determination” and the creation of “beautiful knits.” – it was amazing. Me, my sisters, had this sweet effect, this good thing, and I said, “Hey, Gloria! My mom is getting impregnated.”

In addition, this was an event that reversed the role of a mother and daughter in the search for protection from diseases, considering that Donna Zizé usually feared vaccines when her daughters were young.

– Amazingly, my mother was against vaccination, she did not take me to be vaccinated – said Maria, a maid in the municipal health department at São Vicente de Paulo Hospital. I felt a great joy, because my mother did not want to be vaccinated, but thank God my sisters and I met and spoke to her, until I understood that the vaccine is necessary. And it was just a delight. I was so overjoyed that after that she was so happy and thanked me for the encouragement.

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She worked as a nursing technician, Maria das Dorries, 66, for 47 years at the Bom Jesus Health Department Photo: Disclosure

Upon seeing Dona Zezé immunized against Covid-19 – because she has already taken two doses of the vaccine, Mariah is now celebrating her and the sisters’ efforts in explaining to the mother the importance and necessity of vaccination. After taking her to the health clinic, the feeling of joy spread to the whole family.

– It was just a joy, everyone spoke only about the Donna Zizé vaccine, that was very important – I report the technology in engineering, whose secret to winning patients is to “do everything calmly and passionately, always listen and take the security they are looking for.” Internal, “he revealed. I act as if it was my first day, with all responsibility, all affection, all love. I thank my dad and mom, God first. I am also grateful to my children. They are everything in my life, warriors for me.

In addition to her mother’s care, Maria mentioned the recommendations she makes to others during the pandemic: “social distancing, correct use of a mask (covering the nose and mouth), staying home and only going out if necessary.”

Because the virus is present. We have already lost many loved ones and are living in a difficult time. We should have more sympathy and sympathy for each other, and we believe that with the vaccine everything will be fine, and we will win God – he said.