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A platform for anyone who wants to become a networking professional!

A platform for anyone who wants to become a networking professional!

Do you need to know how to configure network equipment, but you do not have the money to buy the equipment? Have you heard about the amazing EVE-NG platformer?

EVE-NG: A platform that is “ready” for action. Try it!

Need to test a network scenario but don't have the equipment available? Don't worry, you can start exploring and learning how to configure the most powerful equipment in your data network right away.

For those who don't know, EVE-NG is the latest version (evolution) of the powerful UnetLab platform. EVE is completely free to play (although there is a PRO version) and was developed by Andrea Dainese. The big difference between this platform and others is the fact that labs can be done using a simple browser.

The platform is available through a simple image. OVA and can be played on any simple Windows, Linux or macOS system.

The list of manufacturers that can be emulated in UNETLAB/EVE-NG is extensive, and includes Cisco (IOS, IOS, Cisco Firepower, CSR1000V, IOL), Juniper, Dell, F5, HP, Citrix, Mikrotik, Fortinet, PfSense, Palo Alto, Aruba , Alcatel, Check Point, and others.

In the past we have done a tutorial here that teaches how to connect two computers to this platform. This may be the first exercise to test this tool. Version 5.0.1-142 of the tool has been released recently, with many new features that you can find here.

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