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A PlayStation patent shows potential improvements to the Dualsense

A PlayStation patent shows potential improvements to the Dualsense

After introducing the Dualsense Edge and PlayStation Access controllers, Sony Interactive Entertainment seems to be interested in continuing to expand the range of its controllers with different features to expand immersion and help players.

According to a patent registered and shared by PlayStation Screaming gameSony is investigating potential improvements to the Dualsense to provide it with new features that will help players interact with their games.

The patent describes something capable of studying a player’s performance and determining whether he or she is blocked in a portion of play. After analyzing the player’s behavior, the controller will activate lights associated with dynamically defined buttons to attract the player’s attention and inform them where to press to attempt to proceed.

This function will be applied to the main buttons on the front of the controller and the buttons on top of the Dualsense, which will even allow the analog sticks and R and L buttons to display dynamic light.

Furthermore, the patent suggests that the touchpad could be replaced with a touchscreen that displays information that is contextual to gameplay and assists the player, if the player so desires.

This does not mean that Sony will launch a product with these features, but it does show that it is considering ways to expand on the Dualsense features. However, the touchscreen control feels like something we could expect from the Dualsense Edge 2 compared to the Dualsense 2.

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