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A Portuguese is among the richest people in 2022 by Forbes magazine

A Portuguese is among the richest people in 2022 by Forbes magazine

Maria Fernanda Amorim, the widow of businessman Amerigo Amorim, is the only Portuguese woman to enter the list of the richest.

Maria Madeira And the Thiago Rebelo

Maria Fernanda Amorim, widow of businessman Amerigo Amorim, appeared at 601st and is the only Portuguese to be included in the list of billionaires for 2022 by Forbes, with a fortune of around 4 billion euros. The CEO of Farfetch (an online platform for luxury fashion), José Neves, is no longer part of the rankings, having ranked 1249th last year.Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) are among 2,668 names on Forbes’ list. For the first time, Tesla CEO Musk appears at the top, with a fortune of 200 billion euros, which narrowly misses the value of Portugal’s GDP. Compared to last year, he left the list 87, marking the largest drop in the total number of billionaires since the 2009 financial crisis. However, of those who stayed, 40% increased their fortunes. “Wars, epidemics, and recessions have hit the world’s billionaire markets this year,” says the American magazine.
The most dramatic declines occurred in Russia, where the number of billionaires decreased by 34 compared to 2021, and in China, where a vigorous government crackdown on technology companies reduced the number of billionaires by 87 billion.

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