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A Portuguese woman loses 50 thousand euros after answering a phone call

A Portuguese woman loses 50 thousand euros after answering a phone call


The flight attendant was living in Dubai to save money and return to Portugal. But in the face of this situation, his bank account remained at “zero.”

Alexander Zubkov

In 20 minutes, a Portuguese woman was defrauded of €50,000 in savings. All he had to do was answer a call in which he thought he would win a prize. After that, his bank account was immediately stolen, he told For Khaleej Times.

A Portuguese flight attendant who worked in Dubai for four years reported this week that she was the victim of a scheme, feeling “stupid” for not spotting the scam.

Her immigration years were used to save money, but the goal was always to return home.

However, after an overnight trip and waiting for a friend to call her, everything changed.

Meanwhile, he received a call from an unknown number – which he thought was his friend – and he answered it. But on the other side there was a man who told him that he had just won 37 thousand euros because of the partnership Between Emirates NBD (the largest bank in Dubai) and an exchange office in the UAE, where I was that day.

It was just a coincidence that turned into a nightmare, knowing that shortly after he took all the steps indicated to receive the award.

The codes and passwords ended up being revealed by the flight attendant who was also tricked during the entertainment.

As soon as he realized this, he went to the police.

According to what was reported To the newspaper Khaleej TimesYour case is considered “gross negligence” and you are unlikely to get your money back.

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