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A rare case of avian influenza in humans has been identified in the UK

A rare case of avian influenza in humans has been identified in the UK

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The infected person is from southwest England and has been in close and regular contact with a large number of infected birds.

According to Diário de Notícias, United kingdom Witness the largest outbreak of bird flu ever.

On Thursday, the country’s health authorities revealed that they had identified a rare case bird flu in personThe country is facing the largest outbreak of the virus.

a transition Avian influenza to humans is very rare It has happened before, only a handful of times, according to the UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA).

Officials added that the infected person in southwest England was “fine” and isolated.

“The person in question acquired the infection through very close contact Organize it with large numbers of infected birds, in and around your home, for an extended period of time, UKHSA said in a statement.

All of the individual’s contacts, including Those who visited the facilitiesThey have been tracked down and there is no evidence of infection spreading to anyone else.”

The agency noted that the risk of catching bird flu in the general public is still “very low,” but warned people not to touch sick or dead birds.

Britain slaughtered nearly half a million birds in 2021 as it struggled against what George Eustis, the environment minister, described it as the “largest” outbreak of bird flu ever.

Besides the culling, the government issued new rules in December last year, requiring rangers to ensure all captive birds stay indoors and stay indoors. Strict biosecurity measuresTo try to contain the spread of the virus.

However, authorities have expressed concerns that wild birds that migrate from mainland Europe during the winter months may be It transmits disease.

Geese, ducks, and swans are among the species of wild birds known to be affected, while many birds of prey died too.

Fifth outbreak of avian influenza in Portugal

Portugal has now confirmed five outbreaks of bird flu infection, after the virus was discovered in a wild goose that was found dead in Albarca, Santarem province. The Directorate General of Food and Veterinary Medicine (DGAV) calls for Compliance with biosafety rules.

On January 4, a The fifth outbreak of HIV infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza (GAAP) in a wild goose (Anser sp.), was found dead in the Patodos Dam, in the municipality of Albarca,” said a statement from the administration.

However, this focus did not force the identification of exclusion zones, but Monitoring measures in the area.

In the document, the DGAV highlighted the importance of complying with biosafety rules and good practices for poultry production, as well as Hygiene and access control procedures for establishments Where are the birds?

He added, “It is also very important to immediately report any suspicion, in order to allow the rapid and effective implementation of disease control measures.” Wild birds can be reported through the application animation.

On Tuesday, a new outbreak of bird flu was already detected in a chicken and duck farm in Santiago do Cacem, Setúbal province.

On December 31, 2021, it was also confirmed to focus on exploring the Turks, in Praia do Rebatejo, Villa Nova da BarquinhaSantarem County.

It was bird flu It was discovered in Portugal On December 2, on a home farm of chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, in Palmilla, in the Setubal region.

In the same month, the focus on the commercial exploitation of turkeys for fattening in Óbidos, Leiria was also confirmed. The infection outbreak is now covered 24,240 birds.

The DGAV, the central service of the direct administration of the state, with administrative autonomy, asserts that there is no evidence that bird flu is transmitted to humans. through food consumptionsuch as poultry meat or eggs.

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