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A real 3D template of the iPhone 15 Pro shows the news

A real 3D template of the iPhone 15 Pro shows the news

We are only a few months away from the launch of the new iPhone. As such, Apple will actually prepare the entire production machine for the production of the new iPhone 15. Despite the secrecy surrounding the company’s products, there are always information leaks. An alleged 3D mold has now appeared, which shows us the new volume buttons, USB-C port and some other details of the iPhone 15 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro is really moving

A fictional iPhone 15 Pro appeared in a video shared on the Chinese version of TikTok today, providing a closer look at the device's design. Major expected hardware features include solid-state buttons, a USB-C port, and a titanium frame.

The video doesn't reveal anything new beyond the current rumors, but it does provide a 3D look at what the iPhone 15 Pro might look like. Overall, the device looks and feels like the iPhone 14 Pro, with the notable differences being the elongated volume rocker and what's supposed to be an action button that replaces the Ring/Silent button.

dummy model Most likely based on leaked CAD files from the leather manufacturers for iPhone. It's not clear if the bulging rear camera or other aspects of the imaginary iPhone are a perfect size, or if the physical SIM card slot will remain in some countries, as indicated, after it was removed from all iPhone 14 models in the US this year.

It is also possible that the final design of buttons and other parts will contain more detail than is revealed by this basic template.

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Apple is expected to announce the new iPhones at an event in September and they will likely be available for pre-order within days. The 2023 iPhones are likely to go on sale the following week.

Apple is expected to announce the software the iPhone 15 models will use, iOS 17, at its WWDC23 event, which starts on June 5.