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Margarida Corceiro Nova Casa

A real estate consultant reveals how much it costs

Margarida Corsero revealed in September 2021 the purchase of her new home.

At the age of 18, Margarida Corsero announced the purchase of her new home. Since purchasing the property in September 2021, the actress has made home improvements and decorating.

On social networks, the TVI star has He shared several details about his wonderful home. Now, João Zoio, a real estate consultant, is reacting to this acquisition, commenting and showing some details that he considers very interesting.

João Zoio “is a 21-year-old young entrepreneur who, starting at the age of 16, has had the opportunity to be part of demanding business scenarios at a high pace,” in the video caption.

It shows some details of what you can see in the video below. Margarida shares some photos on Instagram over the past few years, with an amazing strategy (…) Let’s start with the most important thing, the location. There were already many photos he shared with details showing where it is more or less and although I know the exact place because I have already visited several properties there, I will talk about this aspect lightly,” he says.

“Here it is almost like the heart of Lisbon: it has the largest shopping center in the city, hospitals, universities, recreational and sports areas, and very fast access to everywhere via the second axis and the north-south axis. As for the decor, it is flawless.It wasn’t made by a company that Margarida had partnered with. And it is only one of many times, it was intended to furnish the living room and the bedroom, the mattress must have been made on another occasion surely, and another occasion of some very funny painting, in the kitchen it did not need to be fully equipped, but in the family house I also managed to get a marble top and the rest, João Zoio explains.

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In the video, the real estate consultant estimates that The purchase of Margarida Corchero’s house was about 610 thousand euros.

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