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A revolution is on the horizon in Benfica’s lineup for the 2024/25 season – Volleyball

A revolution is on the horizon in Benfica’s lineup for the 2024/25 season – Volleyball

Several elements leave the light

• Photo: Fernando Ferreira

The Benfica team is scheduled to witness a revolution next season, after witnessing few changes in recent seasons, as it maintained the basic rule from season to season, which has now culminated in winning the fifth championship.

From what our newspaper found, Hugo Gaspar (41 years old) and Rafa Oliveira (40 years old) were expelled, and Lucas Fransa (27 years old), this by choice, and who wants to be with his partner, are leaving Benfica. She is also a player (she plays for the Italian team Bergamo, Where you might as well leave).

Hugo Gaspard is the oldest player on the team, having spent his 14th consecutive season at Luz, also his last as captain. Our newspaper understands that the counterparty was not happy with the timing of being informed of the decision, which was recently communicated by team director Rui Guedes.

Rafa Oliveira, Zone 4, joined the Reds in 2018/19, while Lucas Fransa says goodbye after three seasons with an eagle on his chest.

But the team's departure should not stop there. The Brazilian distributor Luis Rodriguez (he arrived midway through the season to replace Bernardo Westermann, who was seriously injured) and the opposite Felipe Bandero, also Brazilian and who has played only this season in Luz, will not convince coach Marcel Matz, who, given his knowledge, of the market in his country (Brazil). Well, that should be where he will recruit most of the reinforcements with a view to making the squad for the 2024/25 season, as the Eagles intend to maintain national dominance.

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Benfica will witness a revolution for next season, having witnessed few changes in recent seasons, maintaining the basic rule from season to season,…

Written by Luis Avilas and Ana Paula Márquez


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