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A scary study shows a connection between ADHD and the stranger factor

A scary study shows a connection between ADHD and the stranger factor

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Research recently published in the journal Nature Mental Health shows that exposure to particulate matter air pollution and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children are linked.

the study “Different association patterns among particles with ADHD symptoms” They analyzed data from thousands of Chinese children and concluded that there is a relationship between air pollution and the spread of disease.

Data from more than 164,000 children who were observed. According to research, every 10 micrograms of PM 2.5 polluted particles, the chance of a positive ADHD diagnosis increases by 65%. And in the case of PM1 particles (even smaller) per cubic meter, the proportion of children increased by 74%.

“From this study we can provide evidence so that countries can develop a standard in the future. Any level of air pollution can increase risks to human health,” the researchers say.

Pollution from wildfires and neurological health

Moreover, scientists estimate that there is a link between fires caused by PM 2.5 particles generated by combustion and further deterioration in human health.

“Smoke from wildfires is a serious problem all over the world right now, especially in Australia, the US, Canada, Brazil and South Asia,” said Professor Yuming Gu of Monash University in Australia, one of the study’s authors.

We found that PM2.5 associated with wildfire smoke poses a greater health risk than PM2.5 not associated with fire. This means that we also need to take care of reducing the health effects of smoke from wildfires.”

The research calls for more measures of particulate air pollution to be supported by governments. “Our findings highlight the potential importance of atmospheric particle concentrations, sizes, compositions and sources in protecting children’s neurological health.”

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