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A specialist analyzes the file of Christina Ferreira, criticizes and responds: "You are jealous ..."

A specialist analyzes the file of Christina Ferreira, criticizes and responds: “You are jealous …”

Susanna Ariel, who specializes in human behavior, did an analysis of Christina Ferreira’s profile and share it on Instagram, Thursday night, September 29.

The behavior analysis specialist then highlighted five characteristics of the current TVI presenter and director’s entertainment and fantasy profile, such as over here We said, and we ended up being praised but also heavily criticized.

So, on Friday, September 30, in the posted comment box, Susanna Ariel decided to leave a clarification.

“Let’s see if I respond to all the haters, blind advocates, people who don’t want to learn and everything at once: I’m a liberator, I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years (…). For me, Christina Ferreira analysis Or Zé from the corner is exactly the same, it takes the same work, so it’s the same thing”Definitely started.

Susanna Ariel lamented the many “harmless and basic comments” made in her posts and later highlighted that, like Christina Ferreira, “there are thousands of people in the world” with this type of profile.

“There are thousands of people in the world that have this profile, and it’s not quite so good at this point! Woe to all the workers who are traveling around this country that they have to take with these leaders, the contributors who bet on the people who have this profile and see their money” out the window”…”It is considered.

Susanna Ariel suggested all the people who criticized her look up the meaning of “profiling” – her field of training – while leaving a caveat at the end.

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“Excuse my stupidity because I can only teach those who want to learn, others will still be limited but with the obsession that they know everything, it’s a choice!! In short: of course it is a professional profile!! I would never waste personal time analyzing so much emptiness and absurdity.”

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A specialist analyzes the file of Cristina Ferreira, criticizes and reacts: & # 8220;  You are jealous & # 8230;  & # 8221;