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A startup from Parana discovers cancer using data analysis and technology

A startup from Parana discovers cancer using data analysis and technology

To reduce these and other high rates of cancer, and taking into account the high cost of treatment, both for patients and for the public and private health system, a group of doctors from Paraná has created PreviNEO, a platform that uses anamnesis based on algorithms to determine each patient’s risk of cancer and other diseases.

Basically, the startup creates a questionnaire based on artificial intelligence algorithms to determine each patient’s risk of contracting the disease and then prevent it. The company works in the prevention or early detection of the five most common types of cancer in Brazil: Breast, prostate, lung, colon and cervix🇧🇷

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UFPR physician and professor Helio Rubens de Oliveira Filho, co-founder of PreviNEO, warns that today 61% of cancers in Brazil are diagnosed at an advanced stage, and it costs 100 times more than others to treat and predict outcome. Low heal.

“With this scenario, we thought of a simpler tool to reach the population before the cancer developed, as 21% of deaths could have been prevented with early diagnosis. More than that, with preventative treatment, the reduction could be even greater,” he explains.

Dr. explains. Helio, that in many cases the tumors are less aggressive and there are some that can only be followed up over time (expectant management or active surveillance), without the need for treatment.

“Therefore, the importance of prevention. There are protocols that indicate that it is only necessary to monitor the patient, without performing any surgical treatment. There is no need to be afraid of what you will find, ”the doctor advises.

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Parana Corporation

PreviNEO already has a partnership with pharmaceutical company Roche to offer the support, clarity and ability to do business with the company, which seeks to speak with people who feel quieter at home, for example, who would not consider looking for doctors and can answer a questionnaire and identify hidden dangers.

The platform serves as a differentiator, not only identifying risks, but following up and monitoring actions, such as scheduling tests and medical appointments through artificial intelligence.


Brazil recorded 44 prostate cancer deaths per day in 2021, according to the Ministry of Health’s Mortality Information System. The number may, at first, be frightening, but it is related to the lack of prevention and the effects of COVID-19, given that there has been a decrease in routine examinations and more than 70,000 people have not been diagnosed, according to the Brazilian Pathology Association. Clinic (SBPC).