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A student from Valenhos represents Brazil at the US Science Fair

A student from Valenhos represents Brazil at the US Science Fair

Ligia Keiko Carvalho, a 17-year-old student from Valencia, Brazil will represent as of Friday, the sixth, as a finalist at the ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) in Atlanta, USA. Together with a group of students, Ligia will present a research project in the field of programming, which consists in developing a system capable of transcribing media files into written materials.

The competition, which will start next Monday the ninth and end on Friday the 13th, includes 80 participating countries and about 1,800 students.

According to the young researcher, daughter of Luiza Shigaki Carvalho and Valmir José de Carvalho, a resident of the Jardim das Palmeiras neighborhood, participating in the exhibition is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. “I think this will be a great opportunity to show my project and my potential to very important people in the academic world, from different parts of the world.” He added that he intends to pursue new opportunities for his personal and academic development. “Being a finalist is already quite an achievement. I have been exposed to many opportunities, I will be able to meet and listen to Nobel Prize winners, and develop even more as a student and researcher,” Legia said in an interview with Journal de Valinhos.

The student, a student at COTUCA (Colégio Técnico de Campinas), indicated that she is applying for a program that will select fair finalists who will spend three weeks in Trento, Italy, to develop artificial intelligence that monitors air quality.

“This project aims to bring together students, mostly from Europe, to develop resources that use the latest technologies, related to the topics of biology, humanities and the environment.”

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In addition to being a finalist at ISEF, Ligia won first place in “Bragantec”, “IFSP (Federal Institute of São Paulo) exhibition in Bragança Paulista”, “3M Institute Show”, “International Science and Technology Show”, and second place in “ Vibras” (Brazilian Science and Engineering Fair).

Ligia is among 1,800 students who will participate in ISEF