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A study on protection against the Corona virus monitors 5 thousand vaccines in Manaus

A study on protection against the Corona virus monitors 5 thousand vaccines in Manaus

After six months of follow-up, the researchers released the results of a study on CoronaVac underway in Manaus. According to data released on Tuesday (14), of the 5 thousand people with comorbidities who were vaccinated with CoronaVac in Manaus, 0.1% needed hospitalization due to the coronavirus.

The survey, called CovacManaus, has volunteers between the ages of 18 and 49 working on education and public safety.

The study was applied to approximately 10,000 doses donated by the Butantan Institute. In all, 5087 people received the first dose, and 5071 people received the second dose. Of the survey participants, 72% were obese, 54% had diabetes, 36% had hypertension, and 27% had immunosuppression.

Data from Vuecruz news agency shows that 2.6% of participants developed symptomatic infection with COVID-19 after vaccination. In 0.1%, the condition advanced to hospital, and in 0.04%, an intensive care unit (ICU) bed was required. In a universe of about 5,000 vaccinated, 0.02% died from COVID-19.

The survey indicates that 91% of those vaccinated had detectable antibodies after the first dose, and 99.8% after the second dose.

The study coordinator, Marcos Lacerda, a researcher at the Leonidas Institute and Maria Dean (ILMD / Fiocruz AmazĂ´nia), notes that monitoring is ongoing and that participants must come to collect tests at a fixed date, which will allow, among other things, points, to assess the need for a booster dose .

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